APSYS Solutions and Technologies, Inc. maintains a competent line-up of management, marketing, operations and technical staff. The technical operations staff are composed mostly of engineers and technicians to meet its present activities for application, installation, fabrication, assembly, start-up, commissioning and after sales service.

The core group of engineers and technicians form the base of the Company's installation and service capabilities to meet growing needs. The existing staff is composed of 30 people. Additional personnel required for various projects are recruited as needed.

APSYS is organized into five operating departments each handling specific products and/or services targeted to definite industries and market areas and one support department. The five operating departments are:

1. Web and Mobile Technology Department - a Digital Innovations division that offers Web Development, Mobile Content and Digital Animation Solutions with Consulting Services in the area of Interactive Marketing. The division also operates a Product Development team allowing it to produce novel solutions to unaddressed opportunities across the industries.

2. Information and Broadcast Technology Department - as a stocking distributor and agent, handles the sales of Fuji professional videocassette tapes & data storage media, RTI Tape Care Systems, Sophos Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam, Broadcast Equipment, Audio Equipment, Audiovisual Equipment, Lighting Products such as: Bulbs, Dimmers & Controls, Special Lighting for Theaters and Studio Lighting, Showbiz Lightings, Canare Cables Connectors, Spare Parts for Broadcast Equipment and Toshiba TV Transmitters and equipment installation for the Broadcast and Communication Industry.

3. Energy and Environmental Solutions Department - handles the engineering, design, installation and sales of water, wastewater and sewage treatment plant and equipment, and, as a stocking distributor the sales of quality chemicals for water, wastewater, cleaning, disinfecting and of other specialty chemicals.

4. Special Projects Department - handles the construction of projects as contracted by the group and other departments, installation of equipment, sales of equipment not covered by the other departments and special undertakings.

5. Accounting, Finance & Support Department - handles all the accounting and financing activities in support of all the departments, and any other support activities required such as recruitment of additional personnel, canvassing and purchasing of materials/equipment and the like.